Typeface You Must Know: Novecento

We love the clean, airy feel of Novecento. This typeface is perfect for headlines or brief blurbs of text.  The type is very symmetrical creating a harmonious sense of balance. 

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Typeface you must know: Cappuccino Serif

Cappuccino Serif is definitely a typeface you must know. Just looking at this font makes us want to go play checkers in a coffee shop while sipping on a cup o’ joe. The very pronounced serifs on Cappuccino Serif have an old-worldly feel to it, yet the slender width of the letters themselves bring in a modern approach. The creator dubbed Cappuccino Serif “a ... Read More

Gamma, Gamma, Goo!

Here’s some quirky little facts that you may not know about type:

  • The word “font” refers to a single style in a family of fonts. However, the word “typeface” refers to several fonts, designed with unity of style in mind.
  • The letter “L” was created by the Romans by turning the gamma upside down.
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Typeface You Must Know: Torino Pro

Torino Pro is a nice throwback to the vintage era. This fancy little number is a modern revival of  Didone, which was originally designed in 1908. Torino Pro has a seemingly effortless look of “old world.” We see this font as being used for a purposefully vintage designed piece; or, perhaps a piece that is reaching for a timeless look. Either way, it ... Read More

What the Font: Tekton Pro

You would think that Tekton Pro would be a good typeface simply because of its cool name. But, don’t be fooled. The letters in this little diddy are very reminiscent of our most favorite font to hate on–Comic Sans.  The name of this family leads one to believe it should be a technical or mechanical typeface; however, we are left with a comic ... Read More

Typeface You Must Know: Code

Code is one of the top twenty typefaces for 2011. This san serif typeface is very clean and modern. The family only comes in uppercase, but we think that will definitely help cut down on it becoming too trendy, because as with any typeface that only comes in uppercase, Code should be used sparingly.

Download this font.

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