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Internal vs. External Perception: The McJob

Internal vs. External Perception: The McJob

In 2003, the term “McJob” was added to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. This is not necessarily a flattering term as it was defined as a low paying job with no opportunity to advance.

The international company McDonald’s was not overly happy with this external perception of their company. After all, this is a company, which began in 1940, that is represented in 40 countries across the world. It would seem that for a company to last this long and become that big, that- something was not being portrayed as it should be. The external perception of this brand was not how its employees viewed the company.

In order to become more transparent and have the external perception more in line with the internal perception, McDonald’s began to survey their employees (all 1.6 million of them!) to find out what exactly it was that each one of them loved about working for McDonald’s. The survey also showed that employees’ job satisfaction was at 80%, which is considerably good with 1.6 million people.

McDonald’s corporate narrowed down three values that could be offered to its employees as survey results showed this is what was most important to employees:

  • Family and friends
  • Flexibility
  • Future

The company began to focus on this as its selling point to potential and existing employees. McDonald’s has since been awarded “Best Places to Work.”

It’s very important for a brands external and internal perception to be in line with each other. You do not want your brand to be wrongly portrayed as this essentially means lower public ratings/views for your company, which obviously in the long run, isn’t overly good for your company or business. Your employees are your greatest asset– use their knowledge; understand their thought process about the business.

Post McDonald’s completing this survey and re-aligning perception, “McJob” has since been dropped from the dictionary. How’s that for “Lovin’ It?!”

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