We recently launched a re-design of the SHULTZILLA website, a fully responsive e-commerce site. Responsive web design is a newer way to build sites to accommodate for the different sizes at which site users will view a site- desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones.

In the past, mobile websites had become popular ( The big difference between mobile websites and responsive design is that with mobile websites, the site admin had to maintain two different websites- the desktop site and mobile version. With responsive design, the site admin is only maintaining one site for all device breakpoints. As the consumer now expects ‘everything’ instantaneously, even while on the go, site users do not want to look at a desktop site on their smart phone. Zooming in and scrolling sideways is seen as a hassle. Site users want to be able to see a format built for whichever device they are viewing the website.

The SHULTZILLA site is built at four breakpoints to accommodate for desktop, tablet landscape, tablet horizontal, smart phone landscape, and smart phone horizontal.

Other functionalities to note on this site: wish list, recommended products, viral coupons.

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